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NEW Jailbreak Untethered iOS 6.0/6.0.1/6.1.2 iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G

l3gitjailbr3aks February 4, 2013


iOS 6.1 is here and not a week later, a jailbreak arose! This new iOS 6.0/6.0.1/6.1 untethered jailbreak is called Evasi0n and was made by the Evad3rs team. They’re still the credible and most famous jailbreakers we all know and love, just going by a different name. So, you can trust them!


Supported Devices (Compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1):

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Touch 5G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4


  1. Download Evasi0n for Mac or PC in our Downloads section (also at the bottom of this page).
  2. Plug your iDevice into Evasi0n and wait for it to identify your iOS 6 device.
  3. Click “Jailbreak” once it allows you to.
  4. WAIT! Don’t touch the device during the jailbreak process! It will do all the work for you.
  5. When prompted, touch the new “evasi0n” app and then don’t touch the device once again until prompted.
  6. You’re done! Once it tells you to unlock your device, you are good to go! Enjoy!


If you have any issues, please leave a comment and someone will reply to you with a solution.

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  • chris

    mine is with IOS 6.1.4,,pls help

  • Jaee Michelle

    I’ve tried evasi0n, But it say’s ” The attached device is not supported” Yet, I see video’s and post’s saying they have IOS 6.1.3 and there phones are jail broken.
    Jail Breaking your phone shouldn’t seem to be that much of a pain.
    So, can someone Pretty PLEASE help me figure this out?

    • julius odonkor

      my dear i second you…i went through the same thing

      • Jaee Michelle

        I ended up jail breaking it, through redsn0w but it put a virus on my laptop, and the tethered jailbreak didn’t last 24 hours and wasn’t as I thought it would be. Even with a reboot on it, it still didn’t work like it should have. I’ve seen better jail breaks. And I know I jailbroke it correctly. Good luck to you though!

  • Julio César


  • Vikz Saple

    Will it work on 6.1.3 iphone 4s

  • kevin

    it says lockdown error -12 what does this mean

  • wes

    Doesnt Work 6.1.3

  • micheal reynolds


  • julius odonkor

    help me to jailbreak my iphone 4 ios 6.1.3

  • holaboss

    Its fake

  • Mohammad Nasim

    is here anyone to help me? how to install jailbreak on iphone 4s ios 6.1.3 ?

  • Boss20

    Will it work for me? I have an ipod touch 4g! 6.1.3

  • mohit bansal

    how to jailbreak 6.1.4
    plzzzzz share your opinion plzzzzzzz

    • Jamie_JBN

      whan apple was creating the 6.1.3 update, they patched the evasion jailbreak, so it dont work on 6.1.3, im very sorry

  • mohit bansal

    how to jailbreak ios 6.1.4
    plzzz tellll

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